Talking about CMS content management system of webmaster weapon

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believes that many webmasters have become quite familiar with CMS. If you have just entered the line, please pay attention to the following brief introduction.

CMS is the abbreviation of Content Management System, which means the content management system".

CMS has many template based excellent designs that can speed up site development and reduce development costs.

The function of

CMS is not limited to text processing, but it can also process pictures, Flash animations, audio and video streams, images, and even e-mail files.

CMS is actually a very wide range of titles, from general blogging programs, news releases, to comprehensive web site management programs that can be called content management systems.

simply, CMS is a system that makes it easy for you to make web sites.

does not say the source code classification of CMS first, we are the stationmaster that does not understand program, it is to pay attention to the design of downstage, and the management of backstage. A CMS is a good CMS system as long as one has a nice front desk and a convenient management background, plus a modified template that is also handy.

, let me talk about the major CMS systems that are currently in fashion.

says that some are based on PHP programs.


-MAMBO, a foreign CMS system, the function is very powerful, adding support for many components, with rich template module.


2. Ling Bo -Limbo (Lite Mambo), as the name suggests, evolved from Mambo. The aim is to simplify the original Mambo system to make it more portable and less complicated while inheriting some of the powerful functions and features of Mambo. At the same time, Limbo supports three installations: TXT, Mysql, and SQLite.


3.HBcms: an official recommendation of the PEAR+SMARTY PHP technology architecture CMS, launched in 2006, fully in line with the development trend of CMS, simple, easy to use, beautiful. I tested it locally. It’s easy to use, especially for inexperienced new people. At least not intimidated by complex functions. Of course, it also has a variety of complex functions, just to see if you need it. Using the official PHP technology recommended by the PEAR+SMARTY is an important feature of this CMS that continues to evolve, and many functions directly

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