The concept of profit for third party Flow Statistics website

was surprised to see the headlines a few days ago when he saw the news that the company had 2 million vcs. After reading the full text, I can not help admiring the company’s business acumen.

looking for hidden business models.


URL shortener (hereinafter referred to as TinyURL) is N years ago, model has been finalized, the majority of people think that is just a very ordinary, or even worthless things; to provide such a service website, in addition to earn traffic and improve Alexa ranking and PR value, advertising costs to earn the jump page it is unprofitable.


company called is how to find a people to ignore the market, and find the profit point? We can take TinyURL and network bookmark comparison can be found similar; two are provided at the convenience to the user, but the cost of a slightly higher. And the added value of much larger, which indirectly makes user data have higher value. Users are willing to take the time to switch to a URL abbreviation, that is enough to explain his attention to this site.


master data. The number of millions of users the most attention, isn’t this a goldmine? But the data is so pure, almost without much cleaning work, can be organized into the most valuable market information.

traffic statistics website.

, in contrast, user data for web traffic statistics service providers (hereinafter referred to as statistical websites) is priceless. The small and medium-sized websites, which occupy half of the industry, have filled the most realistic market demand. They are distributed in different corners in a very discrete form, forming a long tail. But they often need to carry traffic analysis, with the service of third party statistics so that a handful of these statistics website have the ability to integrate fragmented data flow, and the whole is amazing, enough insight into market demand.

more importantly, the statistical website has the incomparable advantage that the search engine can compare. We often look at the rankings of Baidu and Google, but this list and even search companies have very limited data. From the overall statistics, only the user, the use of the search engine rate is only about 70%; from the statistical process, only the user in the search engine on the web query and points out the process, but it can track user statistics website all acts in many target sites.

business model.

there is no doubt that the vast amount of data that statistics sites have is favored by the industry’s marketing staff, which is a good profit channel.

first, in order to avoid infringement of the statistics user’s privacy, the data must be re combination of coarse packaging and considering the typical user traffic characteristics, that is to say, do not give the user.

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