The development of the industry how to make use of the Wangzhuan Wangzhuan forum better on the nter

with the development of the Internet, Wangzhuan industry has become the grassroots webmaster will do in daily life, but also higher in recent years fast, also attracted a lot of attention to the novice webmaster, when the Internet to expand day by day, Wangzhuan domestically this industry has also begun to mature in fact, with the foreign Wangzhuan industry still has certain difference, but domestic Wangzhuan not too good, but the overall trend is still moving forward, the future of the Internet Wangzhuan will become a hot topic.


recently, the author has been responsible for the optimization of Wangzhuan forum, in the optimization process also got a lot of experience, want the forum optimization to Baidu home page Wangzhuan type, the whole structure optimization and page optimization and content optimization is essential, but also to do some efforts in the external links and this is recommended, in general this couple is the type of site Wangzhuan necessary, but a lot of Wangzhuan site owners are beginning to use the Discuz forum, to give up CMS dream weaving program, I think this is a good choice, now the forum program has matured stage, and there are portals and forums and homes and other functions, through the forum do Wangzhuan site types other than the program better than many times, at the same time, the grassroots webmaster and novice webmaster can also use the Forum on the Internet There are opportunities for a better online, here by the webmaster exchange with the type of Wangzhuan.

must first have two conditions,

, you need to find a good Wangzhuan

type do Wangzhuan owners must first find a good project, in general, good projects in the forum are recommended, as long as usual attention to high popularity of the forum you can timely find the webmaster good project, how to judge whether a project is good or bad? I think the first to see how the evaluation of the project and others, how long is this project operation time, finally see this project Wangzhuan whether there is a professional, such as whether the record Wangzhuan forum, whether there is a detailed help documentation, this is the first condition.

two, found to do vigorously propaganda,

to find a good project, to do vigorously propaganda and promotion, it is best to find other webmaster to cooperate. Do Wangzhuan owners should be more clear, is a good place for Wangzhuan Wangzhuan forum propaganda, but also can find the target users in the forum, you can find several popular relatively strong Wangzhuan forum, this is very simple, the webmaster only needs to search "network can make forum" on Baidu, finally do the best publicity.

after the two conditions above, the webmaster to join the forum, then registered member, spend a little time to release some good articles in these forums, should pay attention to the user experience and search experience, then your membership level and obtain high authority, general >

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