User experience analysis design thinking transformation from Web to mobile applications


[editor’s note] [author] @ Liu Jin legene, with the rapid development of mobile Internet, many Web product managers and designers turned to mobile applications. Jobs that seem very relevant may yet cause them much trouble.

many product managers and designers who just come into contact with mobile applications are still accustomed to using Web’s thinking to do App. When Zhang Xiaolong talked about WeChat, he once said, "never consider the Web form. All considerations are based on App.". So, what is the difference between mobile apps and Web,


below is the author in his work through the lessons of blood summed up a few points, here to share with you:

1, single and focused on

Innovation workshop has launched an application called "pudding love life", which contains movies, food and other content, but after the launch has been mediocre. Later, these content was split into different applications, but achieved good results. Why is that,


I think:

first, the mobile side of the screen is small, the scene is not fixed, too many functions will cause hierarchical complexity, operational difficulties, affecting experience. Therefore, the mobile terminal itself is not suitable for too many, too complex functions.

second, from the scene to consider, the user in the corresponding scene, will think of the corresponding application. For example, when a user wants to see a movie, he may search for content and movie related applications, and "love life" and the like, and generally won’t take the initiative to be found. Even if the user sees it, he doesn’t know what it does. So, do mobile applications, do not "big and all."".


2, subdivision requirements and achieve the ultimate

unfamiliar street in front of such a powerful rival WeChat, how to survive and grow up, and WeChat can also look around, shake, and so on to contact strangers. Aside from product positioning and marketing, I’d like to compare the design aspects.



Open the

application, in the WeChat interface, see the recent contact with you before, as well as their message; and Mo, is the first to see the photos and personal signature near strangers.

hits the "friend" on the WeChat tab, and then "nearby" to get to the list page below. But it is obvious that WeChat’s Avatar is much smaller than unfamiliar street, and the information is not as rich as that of unfamiliar street. If you simply want to meet strangers, which application will you choose,


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