One engaged in the mechanical industry to the webmaster’s conversion process

back in 2004, I finally graduated from Southern China ordnance technical school, I qualified scores to receive secondary school graduation certificate.

was taken to Ningbo by school for the first time. The first time I came to this city, I felt everything was strange, and my life started from this place.

has been in the mechanical industry for 3 years, and does not feel much interest, and slowly began to become interested in computer networks. How can a website be accessed on the Internet?.

what are the articles above all websites?. I’m in my control. Can share the good things to everyone, ha ha, I feel very fascinated! When I thought, I want to learn to do web site, and I do a program on the internet.

is very happy to have access to your website. Later on the Internet looking for information, slowly introduced by friends to the laggards, in the backward learning a lot of things.

from space, domain names, servers, and then to the operation, publicity and other aspects, are lagging behind, access to a lot, learned a lot.

is now a movie site, and what I want most is to introduce good movies to friends and share it with you.

so I keep updating every night. Upload the latest movie. Permanently open free HD movies, now go to bed at 2 every night, get up at second in the morning at 8, and sleep 5-6 hours every night.

you are like this? Do a webmaster really tired Oh Oh! But see QQ group inside the user said, the movie updates very fast, hope to visit your site more and more, after listening to the feeling is pretty good.

Hunan cinema

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