Take tool community electricity supplier approach hot mom help get 100 million C round of finan

recently, the largest domestic mobile vertical community "freaky help" announced the completion of $100 million C round of financing, led by vip.com, Jingwei venture, King Lam capital and Morningside venture capital investment. The financing amount is the same as in January of this year, and in valuation, the hot mom will reach $1 billion.

freaky help in the first round of angel investment by Dai Zhikang, the second round of Dai Zhikang and Xianfeng Huaxing; A round of investment about millions of dollars, including investment led investment partners and Xianfeng Huaxing, Morningside venture. Last July, freaky help to get a B round of investment of $20 million, by the King Lam capital lead investor, with investment with Morningside ventures, vip.com, Jingwei and Xianfeng Huaxing venture.

"hot mother help" is perpendicular to the mother and child community, to pregnant partners, hot mother help, hot mother mall three products based, covering women "pregnant – pregnancy – childbirth – Parenting" 4 important periods. Users can get pregnant, during pregnancy partner via mobile phone neonatal conservation knowledge and expert guidance; in addition, in the freaky help share the happiness of motherhood, seeking help, understanding mother friends; in freaky mall mothers can buy goods and bonded goods overseas direct mail. Since its launch in September 2014, the total turnover of the mall has exceeded 50 million in just 3 months.

hot mother to help CEO Jin Zan said that the financing will be mainly used to further improve the main consumer groups of women living to the shopping ecosystem, including product development, commercial exploration and marketing and so on.

vertical market began to concern from 14 years in February, the change of population structure, consumption patterns, upgrading two-child policy of liberalization has stimulated the two trillion market surfaced, and Zulily to stimulate the market but also to the domestic entrepreneurs have entered. Honey bud baby, freaky help, babe network, lotus, division, the only product sale of diapers and other start-up companies have completed large financing, 2015 maternal electricity supplier industry competition will be more intense.

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