Webmaster how to build a high PR value

some time ago wrote an article "how your site appears in the first page of Baidu GG" article (the address: http://s.www.admin5.com/article/20080608/88072.shtml), has been recognized by many users, but also know a lot of friends, and everyone through exchange also let me learn a lot, also let me realize the knowledge share is actually let their knowledge fast way, today I’m going to write an article about how to improve the PR, put me in a recent period of time of the heart to share, if what is wrong place please exhibitions, I put my station out for everyone to see, http://s.www.82flash.com this is a PR0 station, when next time with the new PR, and I’m sure can reach PR3 or even higher (to see this station is to let everyone As a witness, next time with the new PR if not up to 3 people can say today I write this is here, in fact I don’t brag) to think carefully before I have just taken on PR PR3 station, you can look up to the 3 stations are PR3 http://s. www.22bz.com http://s.www.22bz.cn http://s.www.92mtv.net

don’t talk too much. I’ll share my heart, and I’ll talk about it from five aspects:

first, we first talk about the Links exchange, exchange connection is a kind of skill is very high, and it is very time consuming, because first of all you have to do is find to do the connection object (for connection to check PR, check the search revenue is not normal, not much more than the number of links), then go to talk about good, finally to do. Link exchange in this process, we should pay attention to several places, the connection is not the more the better, should be refined and excellent (here refers to the fine and excellent PR even less), do the connection first look at the PR and even the number of the other party, if the number of the other side of the PR3 is outside the 100 the connection is not what meaning do, you can not get it to PR instead of PR to do it, we must first see how many other external connection PR connection number, try to find PR large even less to do, certainly a lot of people will ask, I didn’t go to people with PR PR do, others can not ignore me, this is about to see you pull the connecting skills, I talk about my skills, I was first to find the webmaster chat, not to talk about connecting things, talk with go talk to do, talk very well after the general search engine, as long as you are normal collect Someone else will add a connection to you. (to remind you here, and often to see your connection, there should be a lot of immoral people, in order to PR, with you today to do the connection, and tomorrow will be deleted, and I am very contemptuous of this kind of person.


second, landing catalogs, submit your site to the catalog, >

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