Post posted on the website give your webmaster regards

last night, I try holding the mood, the station sent a short column posted today "in the webmaster, I finally have their own independent website", although this is a soft nature of the article, but many owners expressed concern, and encouraging, deeply touched.

The stationmaster of

website, a lot of are old stationmaster, to me so immature website, should know what kind of property. This is almost no technical content of the site, but this is a web site, within a short span of half a day, dozens of webmaster in unison expressed support.

chief Lan Haitun, a message specially registered in my website, leaving a fair evaluation, based on his advice, I have made some changes to the site, the most important is the construction of a column, after many write something original. All posted, that site will lose meaning.

I just started learning website construction, do not understand a lot of things, and later have to learn from you webmaster. Web site is still very naive, please exhibitions:, thank you Webmaster Station friends! I will work hard!


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