The bitterness of a novice webmaster

I am a grass, a small grass, haven’t grown grass!! will have access to the Internet, from 2006 start, the time to visit my cousins, learned that he was doing a movie station, one day can earn 200 to 300, my heart, I asked him to teach me, he called I buy a domain name and space, at that time did not understand what is called domain name and space, I will help my cousin, cousin’s help to me, he would help me to buy space and domain name, but also help me to do a simple web page, the total investment of less than 200 yuan, ha ha

may be a fluke, "was difficult to be included in Baidu, also brought a lot of popularity, a day can earn 80 to 100 yuan, was very happy, thought the network was filled with gold, ha ha (idea is childish), until the SP die, not what can make money, but also to the 7000 movie station multivariate income closed

later, they learn to stand, know what is called CMS, know what the SEO is, learn something, do a lottery station use its own confused to learn the experience of SEO on site SEO, the effect is not ideal, think of themselves may be not the technology, but also to learn ah.

PS: I graduated from junior high school, the first time to write something, writing is not good, I hope you understand, thank you for your support!

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