Some problems in the construction of local portals from billboards

this time back home, see home stadium set a billboard "especially conspicuous in Yanshi Information Port", because I also do the Internet, so more attention home, hit the Internet web site is actually the page can not be displayed, admire the man, too luxurious, huge advertising entity as a web page cannot be displayed, the economic development of the hometown looks good, but he did not give up, search to see if there are any other home communities, a really a lot, see again feel that they have something to say.

speaking of building regional portal, of course, is not suitable for any place to do, suitable for regional door Huxing site survival of the following three points.

first: a complete ecological chain. Living entertainment, the area has a complete ecological chain. This will give the content update provides enough raw materials, keep the site’s viscosity is especially important, after all, one can’t make bricks without straw, and at the same time for you on the website after profit lay a good foundation.

second: there is a certain number of Internet users. There are several ways you can look into the investigation method.

< 1> according to the surrounding Internet cafes operating status, the general Internet cafes almost faster or poor operation, indicating that the popularity of computers in the residents have been relatively high.

< 2> the number of the region’s computer sales shop, if the number of daily computer maintenance and sales will give them blood supply in the public computer penetration rate has reached a certain level, although no exact figures to support.

< 3> search the name of the region, exclude government websites, look at the top ten regional websites, their membership registrations, and the number of postings.

< 4> pay attention to people around you; but the situation around me is that as long as the age of 40 years old or at home, there are primary, junior high school, high school children, basically equipped with computers at home.

third: the region not too big; such as Beijing, have not seen too popular Beijing portal, but that you can find a lot of places like Huilongguan, Wangjing, a group of this community as the representative of the city portal area, in fact the reason is very simple, if there is a solid support network, so it will be a good the development, users can see some of her own life and is closely related to the information on the Internet, especially in the class of life, such as which discount shopping, which hotel promotion, if the area too far is not what meaning, such as living in the Beijing North Fourth ring users see an online supermarket discount or a South Fourth favourable information, so it is there is no news for him, what practical significance, if the site does not have the meaning to the user or the message more than 60% news about you The viscosity of the user will also be lowered by the site. So a portal is ideal for building in such a system as a complete ecosystem. We’ll have to choose

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