On the advantages of vertical community website development

is currently in the domestic SNS market showing a separatist warlords situation, renren.com students occupy the market, occupy the 51 and younger Internet users, happy net occupy small white-collar office, later want to shake their foundation is not easy. With the launch of UCHome, so many business websites want to through the combination of SNS and vertical demand, seeking a breakthrough, such as music, science and technology, delicacy, pets, this way whether it works? In this regard, it is difficult to doubt that the private key that do vertical SNS is to strengthen the foundation of professional and industry the good products and operations.

vertical SNS has an unparalleled advantage over the integrated community.

takes the bean web as an example: a good bean web is a platform for discovering and sharing food, a social network for gourmet lovers. By creating a virtual online kitchen, you can solve practical problems for students who are worrying about what to eat. Whether you are for second days when the collocation and the worry of white-collar bourgeoisie, or one family meals recipes demanding housewives; or you are experienced master chef, or just rush into the kitchen, rookie novice…… You can display yourself, get advice, and so on. At the same time, you can find your favorite food quickly and conveniently, and find friends similar to yours in the group.

As can be seen from

, vertical SNS website not only focus on entertainment and pay more attention to the practicality, this is a comprehensive community website no advantage, but because the vertical location of SNS and a certain industry, so the doomed, vertical SNS website user base is small, especially when using Ucenter Home to build SNS to become a vertical the trend, so the vertical SNS of an industry is also facing the user distribution situation, how to do the vertical SNS website? We must first recognize their own shortcomings to improve from the perspective of the user experience, and improved, attention and mining the potential demand of the target population have not been met, thinking through what kind of products can form better meet these needs.

what are the disadvantages of good bean nets:

, does not support the activities of the city, as a delicacy to share a website, how to make the decentralized social relationship, centralized management, how to released the delicacy to allow more people to share, offline activities is very important.

two, the community website is based on human, emphasizes the relationship between people, vertical community is no exception, but good bean network did not do a little, good beans online you can let your friends know what you like to eat, but how to let your friend know what you do not like to eat it, good beans nets should add a food blacklist, so that users can add their own do not like to eat food, and let your friends know.

three, good bean network does not support the food recommendation between friends in the station, such as I want to recommend a good food to my friends, and he Lala relationship, but good bean net indeed

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