Transformation of garbage station into potential station My Forum maintenance experience

was standing in the sale of the forum, but after a look, these contents can share out ah, need to learn experience, veteran can point to the opinions and suggestions, hehe.

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,, from someone else’s hand in October 2008.

before October 2008, this forum relies on collecting data, other stations to do links, pop-up, keyword optimization, and other fast and effective way to maintain the site, of course, received a certain effect.

, after October 2008, I started taking over. The work is listed as follows:

keyword analysis, know the current needs of users of this forum.

conclusion: it’s very miscellaneous. It has everything. However, from the location of the domain name and website name, the theory should be based on 3G.

analyzes the content of the forums, looking at what users like and which users are excluded.


1, the data collected basically browse once, and then left directly. Unable to retain users.

2, Manual published content, taking into account the needs of users, add a picture of the text shows that adding software tutorial introduction, add the relevant content links users to browse for a long time, also like to browse other pages.

3, the relevant content must be true relevance, otherwise, and then attractive content, but also can not be recognized. After all, people come by keyword, the purpose is very clear.

4, should give yourself a reply, reply content, and content related to, from other websites can comment on some other users, the best is two and content, it can mobilize the active participation of users. PS: no need to re register users, users only focus on content, making some fake users is not worth it.

analyzes the functions of the forums to see which ones need to be opened and which ones need to be closed.


1, for this forum, some entertainment functions, some tasks, functions are not necessary, because the user is very few, we only pay attention to the real useful content.

2, post classification, information classification, these functions are very useful, can facilitate users to better view content, search content.

final conclusion:

1, the original content collected by the software all deleted, leaving only manual published.

2 classifies the content and classifies it by post classification and information classification model.


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