What are the types of financial management

to do business, it is inevitable that there will be a little money accumulation, a lot of people put the money in the bank, with the need to take, in fact, this is the most cost-effective. If you want to make money in the presence of the bank to play, to maximize the effectiveness of funds, in simple terms, is financial management. Financial management, in a narrow sense, refers to the individual or family according to their actual economic conditions, within a time limit by taking a class or more types of financial investment tools to achieve the economic objectives of the preset. Choice of financial management varies from person to person. I visited a few cigarette retail businesses to explore their financial activities, there are probably the following:

savings deposits

this type of financial management is characterized by safe and reliable, convenient procedures, flexible forms, but also has the inheritance. Therefore, well received by the general public, more suitable for beginners to finance the business and stable elderly pension.

merchant Liu Chungen to take this financial way. The early start, Liu Chungen because of a shortage of funds, no money, store revenue basically to maintain business and domestic subsidies. After a few years, with a certain balance, Liu Chungen still habitually put the balance of the money in the bank reserve. With the growing deposit, Liu Chungen began to consider the use of spare cash.

so in the advice, he China Bank signed a financial agreement, "the days and months multiplying" will be used to store operating funds in order to form, because this flexibility means close to the demand, but the interest rate is up to 5 times more than the current. The remaining funds are deposited on a regular basis for different periods of time, after the funds to be prepared for another.

insurance investment

this type of financial management is mainly used for accidents, force majeure and other factors lead to personal injury and property losses caused by the negative impact. In order to reduce risk, people often reduce their losses by buying insurance. This method applies to all financial business.

merchant Zhang Hua in view of their actual situation, in recent years, the purchase of a number of insurance as a financial investment. Zhang Hua and his wife are only children, both young and old 7 people together, the couple became the mainstay of the family. 6 years ago, in the home of the farmer’s father was seriously ill, for the city to set up a shop to make a living, Zhang Hua, not to mention the time and energy is difficult to take care of the economy, it is a big pressure".

this incident caused Zhang Hua worries, but also changed the concept of financial management of Zhang Hua. In the understanding of the major insurance companies after the implementation of the various types of insurance, do not hesitate to Zhang Hua home from the savings of the selected part of the funds, respectively, to the old mother-in-law and parents bought a 30 year period of major disease insurance policies, prevent illness again brought economic distress and thus bring out the spirit of burden.

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