Jiujiang by the central financial subsidy funds

since the policy of returning farmland to forest, people’s living environment has been improved, especially the number of bad weather, such as dust storms less and less. This is the work of returning farmland to forest has made outstanding achievements, and Jiujiang was the central government to return farmland to forest subsidy funds 45 million 774 thousand.

Jiangxi Provincial Department of finance, the provincial forestry department, the country in 2017 to honor the land for forestry funds, to accurately grasp the conversion of farmland to forest policy subsidy funds corresponding to the area of returning farmland to forests. Returning farmland to forest policy subsidy funds allocated to the provincial level based on the national acceptance of the final acceptance of the country over the years, with a subsidy of 125 yuan per mu.

by the state 2 times in a row up to check not qualified returning farmland to forest area, no longer enjoy the national policy of returning farmland to forest subsidies by the local county forestry department responsible for the supervision of the farmers replanting and organize inspection and acceptance, acceptance, subsequent annual subsidy funds by the local people’s Government at the county level are responsible for solving. A new round of returning farmland to forests, returning farmland to forest national subsidies in accordance with the standard 1500 yuan per mu, subsidy funds within five years in three issued a new round of the conversion of cropland to forest allocated grant funds for implementation in 2015 third years of subsidies, subsidies 300 yuan per mu.

layers of grant funds issued out, ultimately in the hands of the people, let people understand the meaning and value of returning farmland to forest, natural will further support the policy of returning farmland to forests, the people in the country together, we hope that the living environment has been improved.

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