How to do well in commodity management during the rainy season

every year there will always be some special period of time will have a great influence on our business operations, of which, the rainy season is an event of far-reaching impact. The rainy season has come, and many floods occurred, but also for our retail households sounded the alarm, damp mildew resistant, improve safety awareness, prevention and.

that year just moved a new store, spacious and bright, clean and orderly merchandise, tile floor, clean and beautiful, the store’s goods are also put in full, by the volume of goods to attract customers, business or turn. The store’s wine box, instant noodles, beverages, beer what piled into the stack in the wall, so do not take advantage of the local. In June, I looked at the bottom of the box, did not find any problems, just sit back and relax.

after a period of time, the goods are sold almost, and I went into a number of new goods to do the supplement, the bottom up to sell. Let me turn the Mongolia, start from the bottom third box, the box on one side of the wall have long hair, the bottom box with the ground, liquor and beverages to say, can not interfere with retail, instant noodles and cookies can not see out of the box, plastic packaging has not changed, open the plastic bag food becomes soft, taste bad.

find suppliers, these commodity suppliers to exchange, there is a part of the commodity supplier, said commodity quality problems, if the bite caused by improper lingshouhu save loss and mice, regardless of the broken bags. I had no choice but to sell these damp goods, but also the loss of a few dozen dollars, fortunately, not much, this is the lesson. Before the old, every summer cement is wet, I do protective measures, never lost goods, now store large bright, but the goods. I really lost my mind in Jingzhou"!

whether new or old house, storage of goods, and leave a certain wall distance, the goods do not directly stack on the ground, can be a soldering iron shelf, also can use two brick and wood bear up, not too high. Leave the ground is good, that is, ventilation is also anti rat, mopping the surface can not dirty box. Summer to do less into the ground, the first out of the principle, enough to sell on the line, not much pressure, the cigarette in the ventilation on the high, to prevent damp mildew, reduce unnecessary losses.

although the time has come to the winter, however, I believe that because the management is not doing well, coupled with the rain this year, many retailers in this year’s rainy season suffered losses. We have to do a good job management, will let our shop business has been booming development. So, with the contents of the above introduction, the 2017 plum rains season you know how to do a good job of commodity management?

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