Married class Han Chun died Jackie Chan hair micro blog mourning

Jackie Chan’s family class in the world are famous, every time Jackie Chan filming are inseparable from the support of family support. The day before, Jackie Chan at the micro-blog family mourning class Han spring died at the age of 52, has been involved in the guidance of many movies.

12 on the evening of 23 August, Jackie Chan micro-blog Memorial stunt team member Han Chun left, he wrote: "is set to catch movie, suddenly received a bad news, I married a good brother chun Han class left us, it is no wonder that some time ago, he has been hiding not see us… My brother nicknamed" avalanche cut the knife, who married Banli many distinctions won in battle. The older you are, the more you will face, but I will always remember the days when I walked with you! Brother, miss you!"

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