The details of the need to pay attention to the opening of a high pressure coffee shop

coffee is the Westerners love to drink, to China after very popular, the beginning is a luxury, not now, now more and more people love to go to the cafe, where art, elegant, suitable for rest and talk about things, so now open a cafe is a fashionable investment method to make money, his development prospects are very broad. There are a lot of details to open a coffee shop, however, the details determine success or failure, do you know what the details of the need to pay attention to the coffee shop?

elegant Art Cafe environment

coffee shop environment. Grade decision of consumer groups, reception of what kind of people, you will have what kind of environment and grade {shop decoration / facilities / clothing to coordinate} style in the design work for store decoration and continuation of aging, attract customers favor comfort, such as a coffee shop Xu investment, so in the decoration when Jerry hardware facilities can not, so as to avoid the operation problems.

provides quality service

the customer is God, is God to us, so the operation early attendant and the various departments of the backbone of staff, will receive a formal action, good training, each a small service smile, produced, vision, are related to the growth rate of the old customers.

regular advertising

good product needs publicity, promotion, so the pre opening, marketing planning activities must be done carefully, operation can according to different seasons do not regularly launch new products, the implementation of product update rate, enhance competitiveness, each industry has short period two stages, seasons, holidays, can bargain preferential marketing planning.

no matter what business should pay attention to some details, most of the time, the details can decide the success or failure, so we need to do a heart, open cafe is no exception, if you are not careful and don’t pay attention to some details, there may be another universe. A brick is not much, but also to build a house, Many a little make a mickle., a detail although small, but it is possible that you failed. We need to seriously study the details of the need to pay attention to the opening of the cafe, to clear their own stumbling block on the road.

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