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to a proper name, now numerous operators can be described as the brains, however, the name is illegal, is still a question. Many people reflect Fuzhou, Fuzhou East Street shop signs are more than the traditional Chinese characters, English or even signs as a shop sign. In this regard, the legal profession pointed out that the shop signs and other billboards should be standardized Chinese characters, using English or even symbols are illegal.

symbol English flooded shop recruit

according to the clues provided to the public, visited Fuzhou city Dongjiekou District, found that there is indeed a lot of businesses in order to attract the attention of customers using a large number of new in order to be different, in the shop sign in the substandard text, mainly the following three aspects: the use of traditional Chinese characters or random change idioms, all use or the use of digital symbols such as English doping.

traditional Chinese characters easily in the shape of color, so many businesses’ favor". Gathered in Fuzhou street, Xian Tower Street, Damien road and several shops, found a lot of this shop, and relates to many industries. As a company called "Dommin" clothing store, one of the "green" and "Yang" both characters, the clothing store "village story" "language" is used in traditional Chinese characters.

restaurants, "Sun Kee health garden" in addition to "life" all characters, "the more we fish pot" of the "record" and "fish" are used in traditional Chinese characters, the name "Bama tea tea chain" and "industry" is used as traditional Chinese characters. "Set of jade Xuan jewelry" and "Fu Hui jewelry" and other jewelry store name will also treasure the use of traditional characters. In addition to these shops in addition to traditional Chinese characters, and not in a prominent position to configure the specification of Chinese characters to write the signs.

there are a lot of businesses to fight the idea of idioms. "Reluctant to part" into "Yiyibushe" has become a clothing store signs, "perfect in every respect" is changed to "food chain shiquanshimei" as the shop.

doping and even all of the use of English as a shop recruit has been adopted by many businesses. In the East Street shopping district found that such shops can be described as everywhere. If all of the use of English with "JOEM", "SWEET CHERRY", "AOKU", "ONE HOUSE", "AMY" is used English doping; "Kimi Q", "TT show", "car condition".

there are businesses simply put the sign on the shop signs. In the fairy Tower Street and two street Jin Tai Road, found 4 such shops, the signs were "5.11+", "+ – × ÷", "2%" and "H-1989".

is the wording of a private matter?

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