The best ideas for College Students

now college students entrepreneurship school but also has been encouraging, a target at the same time the whole society and the government also promulgated a lot of favorable measures to help students realize their business and become rich.

1. can split open business. In my opinion, the problem of talents in enterprises must be based on the understanding of the nature of talents, independence, self-reliance and self-improvement. No matter what kind of business, can be independent of the business should be independent, so that professional or small team to do their own independence to do. What to do small business good? The corresponding way of working is decentralized. The Internet has provided the conditions for this office. It’s called virtual organization abroad. Many companies in China have accepted this approach, which provides a new way for college students to start their own businesses.

2. book production preliminary work. For example, the selection of topics, text entry, layout design, packaging design, as well as school equivalence, can do it independently.

3. all kinds of graphic design work. Such as advertising, posters, book covers, trademark etc.. This kind of thing is particularly suitable for those who are interested, it is important to come up with their own creative results.

4. a variety of special agency business. Patent application agent, technical property agent, all kinds of registered agent. For example, trademark registration, domain name registration. Many companies, organizations have the need to register the object, but the lack of relevant knowledge, the conditions of registration, scope, process is not clear.

1. education and training. If you have a school of medicine, psychology, education, you can use the University of this brand, learn from developed countries, to carry out early childhood education".

2. mature technology transfer. In particular, science, engineering, agriculture, medical colleges and universities, there are some technical issues and mature technical projects. The teacher is busy with his study. You can do this to find the market for technology, to achieve the transformation.

3. a variety of professional consulting. There are students of the school of economics and management, the establishment of enterprise consulting organizations. Of course, the influence of the students is not enough, please industry experts to form the Zhu Geliang group, looking for Liu Bei, with his common growth".

for the majority of students, entrepreneurship is not just a slogan of the society, at the same time, college students choose a correct way of entrepreneurship is a very important thing in the beginning of the whole business.


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