Two types of lighting companies can break the mobile nternet Era

with the advent of the mobile Internet era, the traditional lighting business business gradually cold, so that many operators do business is not good sense. Development environment has changed, business ideas also need to change, there are class lighting companies can break the mobile Internet era.

: first

with big data and Internet information tools, C2B model becomes feasible. The so-called C2B, is a private custom, said the refinement is precisely the goal of locking their target customers, database oriented, providing one on one solution.

the whole house intelligent, including intelligent lighting. Lighting is not only lighting to illuminate the traditional function of the light is not only cutting of space and distribution, lighting the future emotion, experience is the expression of aesthetic art, is intelligent emotion can take the initiative to people’s perception of emotion "the passions".

platform, easier said than done, the current industry leading enterprises, growth for the enterprise platform is relatively easy, because they have the brand advantage, channel advantage, capital advantage more grafting. Mobile Internet era, the platform has the characteristics of the winner take all. So even now the industry giants, it may be cut from the edge, with the help of capital financial leverage, by virtue of the advantages of the third models to subvert.


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