Seven magic weapons to make you rich

How can

get rich and happy? Some people on the rich experience of the United States has been summed up, read do not have some experience.

1, money begets money law: in 1967, North Carolina’s Ralph brothers decided to sell shares to raise funds to open a grocery store. They contacted 100 acquaintances who bought their own shares at a price of $10 per share for $100. More than 30 years later, the original grocery store has become a chain of more than 1 thousand food king of the big company. Its stock price of $109 per share, when the investor has become a millionaire in the top 78.

2, to 1960, Han asked and Georgina came to the United States from Cuba, penniless. They worked as a reporter after graduating from college in 1966. Their strategy of getting rich is to save every penny, because the bank savings are compounded, so the couple goes to the bank on time every month. Their life is very frugal, discounted goods they often buy things, often cut coupons from the newspaper to buy cheap things, go to work with lunch boxes. A few years later, they save most of their income. It was not until 1987 that they took out $1250 to invest in mutual funds, and became millionaires in 8 years.

3, do not build debt: today, credit card companies has a wide range of incentives to attract new customers. Banks and vigorously promote housing mortgages, the general face of such temptations, it is easy to hold their own, the price is that you owe the debt, to pay interest on the debt. 70% of American millionaires have no debt, and they know that every $1 in interest can be used to invest less than $1. Therefore, they must be able to buy a house they can afford and financial resources are still more than enough.

4,  : their own business: the probability of becoming a millionaire when their boss, 4 times greater than the probability of working class. The working-class income depends on the employer is willing to give up their own business if brightest people can realize the ambition.

5, waiting for a long time: in order to wealth for a long time, it is necessary to have sufficient force to resist the temptation of short-term interests, embrace the core assets. Microsoft’s Bill, who won the world’s richest list for many years, is benefiting from his ability to resist the temptation to give up most of’s stake in Microsoft. Any investor is not rich when he is on the road to riches. It takes a long time to wait, reasonable arrangements for the funds in their hands, choose the direction of investment, so anyone can become rich.  

6,   leisurely: investment is not necessarily the truth to make money, but the rich have to make their way through the low tide of investment. Experts found that most of the rich are playing cards. Most of them have a regular life and work, marriage is stable and happy. Aspiring to become rich people, might as well to their attitude towards life.

7, thick skinned recommend

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