How should we choose the bookstore

many people choose to open a bookstore in the market many investment projects, opening a bookstore is certainly a potential consumer market, because the book is the spirit of intake of people, the people of the modern society of education is more and more attention, thus opening a bookstore as long as make adequate preparations, plus the correct operation, will make money.


suitable for the bookstore where:

1, students gathered near


2, residential lots

Bookstore location is located in a residential area area, should take the family entertainment magazines and books, holidays and working hours as the main consumption time. Here is a book on family life of books and audio-visual products consuming power, family entertainment magazines and CDs consumption is generally the largest.

3, located at the corner of the

corner position is often very ideal, it is located in the intersection of two streets, two street between people in this together, there are many passers-by crowd the stagnation point, can produce a "corner effect". Corner position can increase the area of the display window of the books and video products.

4, located at the junction of trigeminal

Bookstore store located in road junction, the store is considered an ideal Bookstore store location. In the bookstore store this position should pay attention to play to their strengths, in the shop front entrance decoration, shop signs, advertising signs, show window should be carefully designed to seize the customer’s consumption psychology, will attract the pedestrians to the bookstore in the store.

Bookstore site

1, not the choice of fast lane side

2, not in the surrounding residents and commercial outlets or less slow growth in regional

has been basically complete theThis lack of

3, should not be located in the road and the shop floor high and low places