What must be done before starting a business

in today’s society, the increasingly fierce competition, more and more people choose their own businesses, many successful entrepreneurs not only realize their ideals and values, but also create employment opportunities for others, however, people tend to see only after successful entrepreneurs, the glory of success, but they rarely succeed before the hardships especially the failure brought painful lessons.

is one of the first problems. Xiao Lin entrepreneurial partners in the entrepreneurial process once they encounter setbacks on the differences, it is necessary to opt out. This shows that they began to start the project on the lack of necessary and sufficient analysis, in the face of difficulties do not have enough psychological preparation, it is likely to be impulsive". If they start to do some research and analysis before the start of the business, and more differences and countermeasures, then once the start of the business will be some differences, and more insist on.

and they did not grasp the core technology needed to start a business, or on how to master the core technology of the lack of the necessary analysis and planning. If they do not have the ability to develop the entrepreneurial team, perhaps can be solved by technology purchase or technical cooperation etc., after all, Xiao Lin is not established; if the core technology that’s needed no solution can be expected, so Xiao Lin and his team may choose the wrong business projects or business opportunities.

is perhaps Jin Xiaolin in College "several successful sale" gave him confidence, believe that entrepreneurship is not difficult, only his foot bitter first entrepreneurial society.