Regional summary is not suitable for shop

there are a lot of shops on the site, you should choose what kind of location and what kind of price. Today Xiaobian from another aspect of the shop to add the location of the skills, so you should not be able to deal with the area of the shop. The most common are the following:

1, on slope road

2, the road and the shop floor high and low

This is a bad place to set up shop:

3, fast lane side

4, the population is low or slow population growth

although residential area is a shop hot spots, but also to distinguish the cell types. If it is a relatively small number of residential areas, it is difficult to support the survival of a store. This area should not be used as the new shop store, this is because in the absence of floating population under the condition of limited fixed total consumption will not increase due to the opening of new stores.

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