High margin industry inventory

investment, the first thing you want to clear the development prospects of the industry is very good, money can map, otherwise, the investment failure rate will increase. In the end what industries belong to this kind of high profit industry worth investing? Many consumers are not very clear, let’s take a look at it.

electrical appliances industry sales

with the stability of the national income rise, consumer cameras, computer, VCD and other consumer products will be increased by 10% per year. Engaged in the sale of household electrical appliances, as long as the goods in a timely manner, the correct selection of goods, promotions, conservative estimates will be 10% – 35% of the investment return.

interior decoration industry

in real estate

No unit without housing distribution to workers in this matter, so it is not difficult to explain the development prospects of this industry. Related to the real estate brokerage, consulting, sales business is promising.

tourism and leisure and cultural industries

female goods industry

in insurance industry

fast food industry

There are a lot of

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