Ji’nan to help disabled college students employment

there are a group of people, perhaps they do not have a sound physique, but still struggling to pursue their ideals. However, on the road of entrepreneurship and employment has repeatedly frustrated, and now, they finally wait until the hope that the city of Ji’nan to help college students with disabilities entrepreneurship employment in full swing.

this year, Shandong provincial civil service examination for the first time recruiting disabled people. Last weekend, 2016 in Ji’nan City, the civil service examinations written started. It is worth mentioning that the Ji’nan area a total of 63 disabled candidates, City Personnel Testing Center set up 3 disabled room in the Ji’nan City Binhe primary school test center, and the creation of Wheelchair Access…… This initiative, no doubt for the city’s disabled college students to build a broader platform for employment.

according to the relevant departments statistics, at present, China’s college graduates with disabilities 2000 to 3000 people per year. The city’s existing disabled college students less than 1500 people, of which the majority of college students with disabilities from the city, with the support of efforts to increase in recent years, the number of college students with disabilities is increasing year by year. In order to train them, both the society and the family pay a higher cost…… Reporters learned that, in order to help the disabled students complete their education, employment, the past two years Canlian not only for college students with disabilities and poor families of disabled children grant student scholarships, through special recruitment, build a business platform, to help them achieve their dreams.

"relative to normal people, the disabled family training a college student is not easy, employment is to improve our living conditions, into the community and realize the main way of life value." Wang Xiaofan (a pseudonym) 30 years old this year, after seeing this year, Shandong provincial organs of civil service examination for the first time after the recruitment of persons with disabilities news reports, the first time to report the name. For her, the exam is not only an opportunity to enhance their own, but also to complete a long cherished wish.

home in Jiyang, Wang Xiaofan suffered from polio, childhood health is not good. But she did not relax on their own requirements, from childhood to school with normal children. Compared with healthy students, little more hard. She is eager to use the results to prove themselves, pay back the family. In July 2013, Xiaofan with honors and get a master’s degree in administrative management.

has not yet graduated, I hope I can take the civil service exam." Upon graduation, Xiao field of a city for the civil service exam, and written second achievements of the smooth entry into the interview. However, taking into account the image of the unit, in the interview, she was brushed down. "At that time, I felt so depressed that I read the book for so many years." Xiao told reporters that this matter at the time of their relatively large blow. However, later in the city CDPF’s help, Xiao was luckily Ji’nan disabled employment service center management hired, become the center of love is recommended

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