Small smoke suction into a good helper

The process of

in the actual operation of our shop, we should be good at "invention" some gadgets, so there will be a great help to the development of our business, of which, this paper introduced the "smoke" is a good tool. "Smoke", really powerful, lightly smoke, smoke." I opened a shop in Nantong County, Henan Province, the town of Rudong, his invention of a small baby in the operation – "smoke son". Smoke smoke son what? In my shop, it is a practical tool for placing and extracting cigarettes.

shop for more than and 10 years, in a $three high cigarette counter, from the display to the sale of cigarettes to take, I have to repeat this work every day dozens of times.

in the past, I, like other retailers, took the smoke out of the counter. If it is a little far away from the cigarette, it is inconvenient to take up, time-consuming and laborious. I have not found a good solution to this problem.

once, I went to the town to buy a mobile phone, the owner gave a mobile phone silicone stent. The small support is a round, flat, flat part like a small suction cup, which can be adsorbed on the surface of smooth objects.

I take a silicone stent, while watching the pondering: if the principle behind it to do a smoke suction son to take the counter in the cigarette, not very good?

said he would do it. I quickly found the relevant materials, making it too difficult: first of all, on the silica gel support round part cut out a round hole, and then loaded on a length of about 60 cm plastic handle, after fixed processing, a complete "smoke" is made.

is a good smoke"! It can not only smoke, smoke, convenient and practical. According to my habit, I have to adjust the cigarette display in the counter every day. With the smoke suction son, the display efficiency can be increased several times.

since the smoke suction son appeared in my shop, a lot of customers to buy cigarettes are very curious about it, always take a look at, and ask what. There are peers come to learn, I have no reservations to introduce them to the production and use of methods.

do not look at just a small thing, but if you can use it properly, no doubt can help the store to create a higher profit income. A small smoke suction son, not only for my cigarette business has brought convenience, but also brought the popularity of the store.

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