nnovation and Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship dividends attract a lot of talent reflux

now China entrepreneurship bonus is getting better and better, the phenomenon of talent return is more and more, take Wuhan as an example, the development of an important problem before is the lack of innovation talents of science and technology, of course, the problem is found, the method also came out, when the entrepreneurship bonus is getting better and better, more and more people are attracted to the economic development of Wuhan, naturally more and more better!

Betta last year recruited live video decoding aspects of the program ape, can not find a suitable candidate in Wuhan, to dig from Beijing, two from Hubei to Chinese professionals readily. Compared to before, Wuhan engineering male mostly drift flying south, back and forth behind the refraction is one year, Wuhan is the overall change in ecological innovation.

System: three standard to find the gap

with this question, the delegation in Shanghai, see the state-owned capital investors backed into bold enterprises visited the Tianjin market competition; technology of small giant enterprises, understand the local government to develop "one policy, personal service enterprise growth as the industry benchmark; in Shenzhen, see the government not to disturb the development of new industry and practice" invisibility".

"key to talent, capital and other factors of innovation around the enterprise move, forming a whole industry chain innovation." Shi Bailin, director of the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau of policy and regulations, learning the experience of advanced areas, is to focus on the enterprise to do articles.

2015 in July, Wuhan held a national innovative city construction mobilization meeting, to build Internet plus innovation field, make innovation and entrepreneurship free growth and free development.

subsequently, Wuhan has launched the innovation of science and technology certificate, certificate of enterprise independent purchase technical service to scientific research institutions, the government in accordance with the 110% nominal amount of payment to the scientific research institutions. In September last year, the implementation of the innovation fund loan guarantee program, so that the original 30 million yuan of financial funds into a total of 1 hundred million, enterprises in the form of loans to obtain financial support than the financial allocation of more than 1 times.

talent: green card to provide medical education guarantee

released simultaneously in the mobilization meeting, recommended

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