Hot pot to catch up with the new situation

Hot pot now rise of a very unique form of fishing boiled cook righteousness, Xiao Bian had found out, every time we go out to eat either eat pork, beef or shrimp, have a uniform eat that eventually evolved into Hot pot boiled fish, because they are not expensive, so welcomed by the vast number of consumers.

if you haven’t rinse cooked fishing around the Hot pot shop meaning on this project, then you may be a bit strange, rinse fish Hot pot is a new cook righteousness creative brand he created Hot pot, boiling and baking a new revolution, return rate is more than 90%, become very hot Hot pot brand, at the same time a rare rich good project to introduce the meaning of Hot pot boiled fish boiled


Shabu Shabu Shabu Shabu can suddenly set off a wave of prosperity, not by chance, but by the real strength of the brand. Rinse fish cooked taste meaning open out from Chueh Hsin revolution, self management, combined with the fashion health, rinse roast breaking, rinse and increase the Department launched four major barbecue, drinks, desserts and other products, a variety of health pot, set a variety of health ingredients, collocation soup simmer, health effect to realize temperature compensation, spring summer Xiehuo, autumn and winter tonic to dry, so that the characteristics of self dominated, set off a new wave of market.

Shabu Shabu Shabu Shabu hot pot has the necessary technical staff and the industry’s most professional technology, product taste unique, high customer recognition, others can not imitate. The decoration is in 60s cultural life and red culture as the background, the style of the decoration is very novel, with contemporary people eat strange, eat fresh consumption, but also to let the people can feel the living environment and habits of people in 60s, to cherish today’s happy life.

– Fishing cook Yi selected from Taiwan Hot pot soup, soup recipe after thirty hundred years, a variety of rare spices grinding processing, others can not imitate! Melting top soup, red and white two kinds of ingredients, taste delicious, simmer in the soup soup! Immersed in food is delicious, nourishing effect, too wonderful for words


Shabu Shabu Shabu hot pot of food rich in variety, not only high protein meat, fresh vegetables, as well as fresh fruits and vegetables, flavor small material, colorful fruit drinks, specialty packages to meet the various needs of all types of people. Once launched will be popular in the major cities in the country, holding the hot selling, in the hot pot restaurant sudden appearance of a new force, it is blowing a hot pot style!

Shabu Shabu Shabu hot pot since its inception, the store has been extended to all over the past few years to obtain the unanimous praise of the vast number of consumers. Is facing the national investment, providing a variety of forms of cooperation, as well as ten support policies to protect your business. Headquarters has strict regional protection policies to avoid peer competition, but also to join partners to provide a good environment for development.

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