Store lighting design

The design of

store lighting is very important for the people, the design is good, can enhance the value of clothing stores up to a great extent, and can work to change the sense of space, the space with the role of personality. Therefore, the lighting is one of the important tools for the design of store atmosphere. Specific to the application level, lighting and play the following three categories:

1 basic lighting: basic lighting is mainly to make the whole store in the formation of the extension of the light, but also to maintain a unified store color, so as to ensure the basic lighting shop. Among them, the main use of the mode of embedded (such as floor lamp, roof barrel lamp), direct top lighting two solutions.

2 key lighting: for popular models and main products, the application of key lighting is very important. One of the key lighting can not only make the product form a three-dimensional feeling, while the strong contrast of light and shadow is also conducive to highlight the characteristics of the product. Of course, the focus of lighting can also be used in the window, LOGO, brand spokesperson, and the store model, to enhance the brand’s unique effect. As for the equipment, the main equipment used mainly for spotlights and wall lamps.

3: the main function of auxiliary lighting auxiliary lighting is to highlight the store color level, atmosphere and colorful visual effects rendering, enhance product attraction and infectivity of. Among them, the available lighting equipment, in this no longer cumbersome.

of course, in addition to artificial light, natural light, and change over time in the commodity circulation mapping surface quality of light emitted from the surface of the object, quality, clear tone and color reproduction rate of light itself is also very important. Therefore, only in the system to take into account the various effects of light, the various light source adjustment and application, in order to ensure that the light always rendering shop atmosphere, highlighting the display of goods, enhance the display effect.

It introduced the design of

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