Small and micro enterprises to achieve public Entrepreneurship

is the largest number of small and micro enterprises, the most promising commercial subjects. Throughout the country to build a number of small and micro enterprises entrepreneurial innovation demonstration base, designed to provide support for the lack of capital and entrepreneurial enterprises.

1 27, the reporter from the Harbin Municipal Committee was informed by letter, Harbin Institute of technology Anshan Institute of business counseling (incubation) base has been successfully selected small micro enterprises in Liaoning province innovation demonstration base "gongbang, so far, our provincial innovation demonstration base has increased to 10. In recent years, an important position in the city continue to promote new business incubator of entrepreneurship and innovation for the whole society, constructing the public record space, create a public technology service platform, provides a broad space for the development of innovation and entrepreneurship. Public entrepreneurship, innovation for the people to bring the opportunity to dream of becoming one of the engines to promote economic development.

is a small micro enterprise business base is the establishment of small and medium sized micro enterprises in place, more is to promote entrepreneurship innovation under the new situation, promote entrepreneurship with innovation ". The selection of the "small and medium sized enterprises in Liaoning province micro entrepreneurship demonstration base" was renamed "medium and small micro enterprises in Liaoning province innovation demonstration base", the province’s only selected the 21, to play the role of small and medium-sized micro enterprise demonstration base in guiding and promoting the innovation of medium and small micro enterprises and service aspects.

in the entrepreneurial base building, with nearly 2000 square meters of research site they BOSCH Anshan Precision Instrument Co. Ltd., and it is listed as the key support object. "BOSCH" is not Chongwang, just a short time, the fog and the attitude of the core equipment R & D performance indicators have reached the advanced international and domestic leading level, the company was registered, year sales revenue of more than 300 yuan.

ginger hit Dr. also carries the dream of peach fly, the formation of the Anshan Freetech Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. and R & D team, its research and development of optical fiber sensor has been 4 million yuan contract orders in hand. The entrepreneurial base through innovative business incubator team, the research achievements, industrialization, not only provides a new impetus for the city development of laser industry, it has become our city public entrepreneurship, innovation and an important position.

from Harbin Institute of Anshan Institute of business counseling (hatch) near base, Anshan science and technology market the brand is very eye-catching. In the one or two floor area of the total area of 6000 square meters, covering the intellectual property services, high-end talent services and scientific and technological achievements transformation, integrated services, science and technology intermediary services, financial services, such as science and technology services platform for the 5. Building 3 to 5 layers of up square meters of public space is created in, recommended

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