Restaurant owner Kim Jeong eun tourists have asked for a photo

recently, a restaurant owner in Guangzhou because of Kim Jeong-eun and quickly became popular on the internet. Many tourists are attracted to the boss. After Guangzhou and one looks like Obama’s men on the road of the actor.

2 at noon on the 13 day, the reporter in Guangzhou Baiyun District, Xia Mao commercial street, found on the social networking site is a net friend onlookers Guangzhou Kim Jeong-eun — from Shaanxi, opened a restaurant in the man Zhang Daiming. I saw that Zhang Daiming had a similar hairstyle and Kim Jeong-eun, and similar body fat. Not only looks and body is similar, the name Guangzhou Kim Jeong-eun is only 1 years younger than the real Kim Jeong-eun.

"wear sunglasses to wear clothes, more like." During the interview, Zhang Daiming took a similar suit coat from the store, and a pair of sunglasses. When the coat wearing sunglasses worn on top of the head, like a pair of sunglasses wearing a Kim Jeong-eun image, it is now in front of the neighborhood. In order to make yourself look more like Kim Jeong-eun, Zhang Daiming in the reporter during the photo, it is a little waved, looks quite leader style.

"and a customer that I like, I found." Zhang Daiming said that their customers, most of the summer is next to the commercial street, a college students. About two years ago, when Kim Jeong-eun took office not long, Kim Jeong-eun’s photos through media reports, began to be familiar to the people of Guangzhou. One day, a student diners to Zhang Daiming’s restaurant after dinner, looked at Zhang Daiming, and then said, "boss, you look like a Kim Jeong-eun oh."

"I didn’t know who Kim Jeong-eun." Zhang Daiming said he later went to the Internet to find a photo of Kim Jeong-eun, found that a bit like. Before long, the restaurant outside the restaurant owner like Kim Jeong-eun, the news began to be aware of College students. Many students after class to Zhang Daiming’s restaurant for dinner, the end will always find a photo of Zhang Daiming.

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