What are the principles of cigarette display

on how to display cigarettes, and now many people have learned the method, however, after all, different geographical location, the face of different consumers, the method does not necessarily apply. Therefore, we only have mastered the relevant methods, in line with certain principles, will let the cigarette display work better. So, what are the principles of cigarette display?

cigarette display is an important content of cigarette business, scientific and reasonable arrangement of cigarette sales can not only improve the efficiency and accuracy, but also can attract the attention of consumers to stimulate their desire to purchase, improve the cigarette sales profit, achieve a multiplier effect.

a, obviously. It is obvious that the soul of the principle of cigarette display, the location of cigarettes to be conspicuous, easy for consumers to buy cigarettes.

two, full display. The cigarette container must be full of cigarette, not blank, have sold out of the cigarette to replenish the OTC, the fullness of the container to a certain extent arouse consumer desire.

three, harmonization. The cigarette in the container should be placed in accordance with a certain display method, such as family display, price display, etc., and the direction of the price tag should be unified, so that the overall coordination of cigarette display.

four, highlight. The container based on full display in the cigarette to prioritize, highlighting the main sales of cigarettes and recommended cigarettes, cigarette, cigarette brand new products will be the focus and slow-moving cigarette prominent display, to display the effect of brand cultivation by cigarette.

five, price eye-catching. Eye-catching and uniform price tag is not only convenient for consumers to buy, but also regulate the store management, which also set up a store of integrity.

six, vertical concentration. The cigarette vertical focus on display, you can highlight the brand series, scale, increase visibility, grab the attention of consumers, to seize the initiative consumption.

no matter what you learn is your shop, but if you can meet the above cigarette display small introduced by these principles, I believe your cigarette display is a successful work, which can make your cigarette sales have better performance, create more wealth for you.

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