ndependent entrepreneurship shop to pay attention to what

independent entrepreneurship shop, you need to consider a lot of things, a comprehensive consideration, in order to make your store better operation. Independent entrepreneurial shop to pay attention to what? This may be a lot of friends are thinking about the problem, today we support a few strokes.

1, select the address is the key

2, for consumer groups can not blindly shop

3, a good name name

the name to the attention of creativity, is not similar to other people, such as people with their own name as the name, we can try to put your name upside down or take the name of the homophonic name do. Take names must pay attention to simple that they can know what you do, but also pay attention to make people easy to remember, don’t find some partial word vocabulary is not common words name.

4, the design should be reasonable

5, flexible advertising

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