Socks ten brands list

it doesn’t seem like a very small part of the socks. However, if the quality of the brand is not good, it will affect the whole appearance. After all, socks always love to break a hole, especially the poor quality of silk stockings, a hook is a waste, so we may not expensive, but prices at random, don’t ignore your socks, his light with cool comfort will affect your mood, the following small statistical socks ten brands list, tell you what good quality socks.

socks ten brands list first: Langsha

Langsha products market share reached 1/3 of the country, the existing more than 2 thousand stores, 100 thousand sales outlets, more than 5000 people in the marketing team, more than 300 foreign customers, product sales across 5 continents, several major brand companies, has successfully entered thousands of households become the well-known brand known to every family.

socks ten brands list second: baonasi

has hired representatives of avant-garde, fashion international superstar Coco Lee, the domestic entertainment star Li Xiang served as ambassador, creating a precedent for China’s Hosiery Market celebrity advertising. The development of supporting high-end brands and the introduction of international brands, to achieve a low value added products and services from Bonas to value-added products and services, from the low end of the industrial chain to upgrade the industrial chain.

socks ten brands list third: Mona

"Mona socks" series of products have been awarded the "Chinese brand", "national Mianjian products" and "Zhejiang export brand"; "Mona" trademark was awarded the State Administration of industry and commerce "A Well-Known Trademark in China"; "Mona" has also been identified as "Chinese industry iconic brand".

socks ten brands list fourth: Nell

currently sells Nell products in Zhejiang to cover the whole country more than and 30 large and medium-sized city, by 2009, the country has more than 5 thousand sales outlets, more than and 200 stores. In addition, Nell for foreign international cutting-edge brand of customer service, the products are exported to Japan, Germany and France.

socks top ten list of the top fifth brands:

Dan GIA Group Co. Ltd. was established in August 2005, is located in Zhejiang city of Zhuji province Datang socks Industrial Park, is a textile industry, real estate, mining as one of the production and operation of the large-scale integrated enterprise, the company registered capital of 170 million yuan, the company’s production of "dingee ya" series of products are awarded "the export of brand-name products", "A Well-Known Trademark in China".

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