Wenzhou’s first youth entrepreneurship apartment officially opened

Although the size of the

business is small, there are different requirements for the area, however, whether large or small, the total needs of a business place. And in order to encourage the development of entrepreneurship market around the country, and now many cities have provided the relevant entrepreneurial sites. This is not the first youth entrepreneurship apartment in Wenzhou officially opened!

"here is the coffee bar, road show hall, there are basketball courts and other entertainment facilities, the roof of Roof garden……" Recently, Wenzhou’s first youth entrepreneurship apartment and hall Yue house officially opened, nearly 5000 square meters of space, creating a personalized apartment between the 90.

It is reported that

, "and the Tang Yue homes" by the World Federation of Wenzhou Taihe real estate marketing agency resources platform, Wenzhou red even cultural and Creative Development Co. Ltd. jointly launched, aimed at "Internet plus financial platform + + Business Apartment" business model, to create first-class China one-stop apartment operators.

in recent years, Longwan attaches great importance to the construction of housing security policy system, and vigorously create a talent paradise". By creating "Tang Yue and retreat into the homes of youth entrepreneurship Incubator + community, take the form of an apartment, to retain talent innovation and entrepreneurship and created a new model.

not only has a variety of preferential policy entrepreneurs, at the same time, the government related business establishments have been provided, which will promote Wenzhou local entrepreneurial career more prosperous development, thus promoting the development of local business is hot.

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