Thieves into the shop during the day to steal the store safety attention

now the thief is really more and more rampant, a variety of thefts occur from time to time, even in the day, stealing things will happen. During the National Day this year, such a thing happened to my Wholesale Department, want to feel scared. If the child is not found in time to call people, ten thousand yuan deposit in the bedroom, will be stolen by thieves.

at noon, I was the cashier down afterwards, I saw two men and two women walked into the store. One of a foreign accent woman said: "my son married to buy alcohol, non-staple food, candy. This is the purchase list, you see the goods are not complete?" I took the purchase single, Anxi heart: This is a big buyer, at least 5000 yuan of goods. I asked them to sit on the sofa and let the daughter-in-law out.

wife down from the two floor, help me pick up picking, two female customers carefully inspection, from time to time and ask my wife cotton, then ask this question. Two male customers around the shelves. At that time I did not care, that they are in the selection of other goods.

when I find the box when loading, suddenly heard the children upstairs shouting: Dad, a thief thief quickly upstairs! I haven’t even seen what happened I saw that two male customers down the stairs "pedal pedal down and ran to the store, two female customers look bad, followed by drilling the car ran swiftly. At this point I suddenly realized: they are a group of swindlers.

I hurried to chase, but did not catch up. Back to the store and asked the child, "what’s going on?" The child said: "I do my homework in the bedroom upstairs, suddenly heard the ring, that is your cargo mom at the top, also did not care. Who knows more and more big voice, like the sound of the lock. I see, the original two strangers, so called thief!"

listened to his story, my heart thump look: the bedroom is twenty thousand yuan in cash. Hurried upstairs, found that the bedroom closet is over 708 Montreal is messy, clothes, debris, fortunately, did not put twenty thousand yuan in cash left in the hiding place. I breathed a sigh of relief, said to his wife: if it is not the children upstairs, today’s loss on the miserable.

comment: most cases of theft occurred in the middle of the night. Some thieves is using it to the security features of consciousness during the day, the day the Capitol, stealing in the master’s eyes, often easy to be felt. Therefore, retailers should always Caution! Prevention, can not care for this and lose that security breaches.

although many shopkeepers are very concerned about the security of the store, however, for the theft of the incident is generally thought of the night, the day is naturally easy to ignore. So, during the day, many customers into the shop, busy business, to a number of eyes, look after the special "customer", beware of thieves do not pay attention to, enter

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