9 3 policy to guide students in Yibin Entrepreneurship

entrepreneurship has become very common now, and in such a pioneering period, around the government for some college students entrepreneurial activities are very concerned, in Yibin on the launch of "9+3" policy guide.

"in the past few years I don’t have any idea that your life has been in the mountains. One day in 2009 of August, the County Education Bureau and the township government staff to call me to go to school, and said no money, is free of charge. I thought it was a joke, I thought how this is possible, so they didn’t respond. Out of curiosity, I went to inquire. The thing is true, but the choice, I am very contradictory. After all, my age is not small, the foundation is not good, and dropped out of school for many years, there is no confidence. Finally, I persuaded the family, decided to come out, then the idea is very simple, mixed diploma". In a student exchange meeting, Yang Jun to show your heart.

came to Changning vocational high school, Yang Jun felt the most "9+3" students are simmering effort, very hard, want to run a good future. There are many older students like him. So, his heart was deeply touched, for their future is full of expectations.

may have dropped out of school for many years he worked very hard, need to work harder than anyone else, he was anxious, feel the pressure. But he persevered with his tenacity. Remember just opening soon, the provincial Office of education and the State Education Bureau decided to conduct an investigation on the degree of grade 2009 students, "9+3" and decided to record or did not meet the students with learning difficulties returned to Kangding on tuition, tuition may be eligible to continue learning. When in school cadres and teachers to seek his views, Yang Jun firmly said: "I will never go back. Since I came out, we must make a difference, or never return home".

Yang Jun based while other students some poor, but his strong hands, interested in electronic products, choose the specialty of electronics technology and application. To the professional department, he still qinxuekulian, seriously study and study skills. In order to achieve one expansion to improve the employment skill structure, entrepreneurial ability, he also applied for the "Alternation", the use of spare time to learn from the production line, rich practical experience of teacher knowledge and management experience. < recommended

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