What are the secrets to success

now buy has become a very common shopping mode, and because of this kind of demand, buy network is also very successful. However, even if the market demand, the market competition is very fierce, so if you want to be successful, there are still secrets related to the need to master. So, what are the secret to success?

this year, the new group buying site in the country allegedly over 1000. Due to the clear profit model, many entrepreneurs choose to buy a network of entrepreneurship, some college students also set up their own buy site, Sina, Tencent, Sohu and Taobao and other Internet giants have joined. Buy network seems to have become the most popular form of Internet entrepreneurship this year.

advantages: clear profit, cash rich

network group purchase first payment, after the consumer group, in the group purchase success, namely through the third party payment platform (such as Alipay, money, etc.) the money into the group purchase website account, therefore, the first day of group purchase website success "open group" can get plenty of cash flow and capital turnover soon.

Wu Bo said the handle network in August this year, only a month to earn a year of operating income. Wang Xing founded the U.S. group net from March this year to the first half of September only Beijing branch of the total sales of more than 20 million yuan, according to the U.S. group net earning about 10% Commission projections, Beijing branch of the first half of the U.S. group net income has 2 million yuan pumped into.

and Song Zhongjie introduced since the tick group launched two months, the cumulative transaction amount more than 7 million yuan, nearly two hundred thousand people registered "tour". As for the Thousand Oaks group of glutinous rice network, in June 23rd this year, the first day of the opening of the group launched a studio package, it is one hit 150 thousand record.

in terms of spending, buy the site’s largest operating expenses are labor costs, followed by the site’s own marketing and access to businesses and other market investment spending. According to Wang Xing introduction, the current cost of the U.S. mission network is about 1 million yuan per month, mainly for staff salaries and office expenses expenditure.

founded: seize the initiative

Song Zhongjie from leaving the network to help tick group at the same time in 6 city on the line, but it is ten days. The Internet is fast." Wu Bo summed up the "three" for entrepreneurs from the founder of the reference process: the first one, the head start.

such as April Fool’s day in April 1st this year, the handle network to the price of 2 yuan to launch iPhone phone, so that the industry surprised. Second strokes, the rapid occupation of the high ground, through a series of promotional activities to expand the impact. Third, blitz.

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