Hot pot restaurant location to grasp the five principles

watched the hot pot sales season is coming, many of the intention to open a hot pot shop entrepreneurs are starting to stir. When it comes to hot pot restaurants, the first thing to do is to choose a good shop. A lot of people are the first venture, how to choose the hot pot shop location, small series that these five principles are necessary to tell them.

Second, to implement the principle of proximity. In other words, to facilitate transportation, convenient communication, easy access. Located in or near the business district, economic zone, cultural zone, development zone, the road is smooth, the customer is easy to "close";

Third, to the environment supporting place. External environment to form a climate, hot pot restaurants to other food and beverage to operate, such as "food street", "hot pot city" and so on, at the same time to promote their own comprehensive support, combined with a variety of operations, the formation of economies of scale;

Fourth, profit forecast. How hot pot shop site? In the pre opening, in order to combine a variety of factors, a certain period of sales and gross margin analysis, forecasting profits and benefits.

fifth, the site built. For example Hot pot shop how site now has a home loss to the shop to transfer you can put the store to sublet over, because it has the potential customers, this shop can attract some consumers in the original site.

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