Stay at home mom open dessert shop to achieve wealth in life

a lot of women in the birth of the child, the work life must have a certain degree of alienation. Want to start their own business, the choice of those industries is more appropriate? How about the dessert industry? The investment value is very high, suitable for business with a small capital.

"for venture investment, I personally did not know too much, but when her husband filed, husband very supportive of me and give me a careful analysis of the market situation and industry direction, finally we got the target locked in the Sitian dessert join above, to understand the history of the enterprise brand Sitian dessert with purpose through the network, we can see that this is a very powerful with the appeal of the brand, especially the on-the-spot investigation to taste Sitian products and see the size of the company headquarters of strength, so I really feel the charm of dessert with entrepreneurial impulse." Chen Yao busy with the guests to pay the money.

stay-at-home mom change road, from the beginning of investment dessert. From the first step, slowly explore their own path of development, which is the only way for all successful people, the dessert store to join the project to help complete the mother began second life, it is enviable! Want to invest in women also want to hurry yo!


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