Small business also has the university to teach you to spread your hands

a lot of people mentioned that the stall all feel very simple, do not get on the ground is now put on sale? In fact, although the stall is a small business, the need to pay attention to a lot of problems. Small businesses also have a university asked, today Xiaobian teach you put stall on hand.

select the time period. Holidays are a good opportunity, and you have to give up these things for money. Popularity is the lifeline of the stall, the faster you can sell goods to make money, not the higher the price to make money. After dinner at night is a good time to sell, 16:30 ~ 17:30 is the time to work, very popular, can enjoy the sales items, because people are tired of working out saw good fun, it will stop at have a desire to buy; 17:30 ~ 20:30 for dinner after the people walk shopping activities to start, all kinds of daily necessities, fun leisure supplies sales opportunity came; started around 21:00 the main consumer of food.

choose cheap practical goods. After all, stalls business, do not expect your earnings will reach 200% or more. Select the price of goods are generally less than 100 yuan, the spread of the business is concerned about the small profits and quick turnover, your goods and shopping malls than not, can not be a brand, but the quality of goods can not be less than the mall. People can choose to buy your goods because cheap affordable look good, but passers-by do not like to buy is a poor quality products.


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