What are the common business models of domestic industry

era of development, so that the domestic market is now facing increasing demand, but also attracted many investors. However, if you want to enter the domestic market, the market also needs to have a better understanding of the natural. In order to give you have engaged in domestic service or to be engaged in the domestic service industry of domestic friends convenient, small as we sort out the domestic industry of three common domestic companies business model, including members of management mode is introduced and advantages, you can according to their current situation and future development direction of the selection of a more suitable business model.

first, the intermediary home

intermediary home economics is currently the largest form, then what is the intermediary system? The intermediary system refers to the entity in domestic service as an intermediary, to find work housekeepers to contact customers, by customers of domestic service contracts with domestic service, entity is charged according to times fee, do not assume any responsibilities, requirements management mode of the housekeeping intermediary entity is low, it is relatively easy to operate some.

intermediary home economics features:

1, contract

signed by the customer and housekeeping service contract, intermediary organizations, the role of witnesses.

2, management

domestic companies without intermediary management functions, the fee is only charged according to times, average monthly wages percentage, across different standards, generally ranging from 10%50% charge.

3, salary

directly by the customer to pay the wages of domestic service, and intermediary companies unrelated.

4, responsible for

intermediary housekeeping company does not assume any responsibility.

5, insurance

agency is generally not responsible for domestic insurance agency housekeeping service personnel matters, but in the current development, there are many intermediary companies in the domestic insurance companies to buy insurance.

two, employee housekeeping

refers to the housekeeping staff engaged in domestic service entities the recruitment of domestic workers as their staff, from the entity to the training of staff and sent to the customer’s home, customers pay the cost of the first to the entity, the entity after deducting management fees to domestic workers. Housekeeping staff in the conversion of the gap between the work of the entity to provide free accommodation. Current operator

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