How to open a micro shop circle of friends to promote

is now a lot of micro shop business was very popular, but there are many entrepreneurs are relying on the micro shop to earn a lot of money. However, if you want to micro shop business is good, very important to do a good job promotion. In the process of the promotion of numerous micro shop owner, circle of friends is a very important means. So, how to open a micro shop circle of friends to promote?

WeChat promotion said a little bit, that is, through the WeChat make friends, so that others focus on their own, and then in a circle of friends to send a dynamic guide to support their friends to buy their own products. Therefore, the circle of friends is one of the most important micro shop marketing promotion. This section will introduce the use of the circle of friends to promote the use of.

1. share, circle of friends

shop in other micro shop platform, you can share the product page to WeChat circle of friends for further promotion. As a micro shop model was born fertile ground, WeChat can be said to be the main battlefield of the micro shop promotion, WeChat APP with strong real-time and interactive, and successfully occupy an important part of the micro shop marketing promotion. The following describes how to consider the micro store promotion by using various WeChat functions.

(1) to share circle of friends

at present, WeChat has been more and more users of praise, the use of WeChat’s friends are more and more. WeChat has a feature that is a circle of friends, users can publish pictures and text here, you can also see the news and pictures of friends released.

this function for the promotion of micro shop adds a new channel, the owner can store links and related information published in the WeChat circle of friends, friends to buy WeChat to attract, and make use of word-of-mouth publicity, WeChat can be said that the circle of friends is an integral part of WeChat promotion.

1. open micro shop APP, click the micro shop button.

2. into the micro store management interface, click the "share" button below.

3. after the implementation of the operation, pop through social software sharing interface, select the circle of friends button.

4. after the implementation of the operation, in the text box to enter the promotion language, click the "send" button.

(2) released WeChat dynamic

released WeChat dynamic steps are as follows.

1. in the micro shop management interface, click on the bottom of the shop copy link, select the name of the name of the name of the shop to copy a little link.


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