Make your life simple and happy life is so simple

always feel that their life is too complicated and too much trouble? In fact, life is simple and easy, easy to do, the following recommendations, you will find that life is so simple, so full of fun!

1 to be polite, but don’t let everyone become your friend. Instead, take the time to cultivate the people you can get.

2 don’t try to read the thoughts of others. Don’t try to let others know what you’re thinking. To communicate, communicate.

By the time

6 to care about their body, do a physical examination regularly every year.

7 means. Don’t buy things you don’t need. Don’t sleep all the time. Set up a budget and savings plan and stick to it for a long time.

To have enough sleep every night

9 organize your living space and working space.

10 to get rid of those things you don’t need.

11 spend a little time to learn a time-saving trick or shortcut, you can use over and over again in the future.

13 of the people around you may fill your gaps. Let them do what they’re good at, and you’ll do better.

14 must pay bills on time.

15 on the way home, remember to fill up, rather than in the morning, covered with confusion.

16 if you are not sure when to know how to ask.

18 using the technique to perform the task.

Don’t steal

21 as far as possible to the person you love how to say "I love you".

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