Do sales work also need to consider the customer Business

no matter what kind of business we do, as long as there is a kind of sales, we need to start from the customer’s point of view. In short, sales are composed of three elements: the owner, the customer and the commodity. Commodity is a kind of moving object, the price and brand are only presented to the owner and customer. The owner is a bridge to connect goods and customers, through the introduction of the owner, so that customers can get more information about the goods, thus deciding whether to buy or not to buy.

in the sales process, although customers are directed to goods, but into the store is the first contact with the owner, the owner’s behavior and attitude directly affect the customer’s purchase psychology, obviously, to do a good sales shop, you should stand in the perspective of customers to experience the needs of the customer service.

once, led his son to go to the county to buy clothes, in the process of shopping, his son was thirsty, there are two small stores near the convenience store, I casually chose to go in and buy a bottle of mineral water. To tell the truth, I have been doing retail for a long time, are for customer service, but also want to do the customer at the same time feel and learn what they can accept the service attitude. Boss, buy a bottle of mineral water, what brand of

master bar, how much?" "1.5 yuan"" "No, it’s 2 yuan." why is it so expensive? It’s not iced. It’s 1 yuan" The whole process of consumption, the owner has been eating ice cream with me watching TV in the dialogue, not because he overcharged me 0.5 yuan, but the kind of lazy and disrespectful behavior indifferent attitude, let me feel very unhappy.

left the store, and buy a lot of goods because of the son, go to another shop, a convenient bag for his son to buy shoes with the broken, I squatted down to tidy up, walked out of a young woman from the store, I rush into the store to pick up a few big convenient bag, also help me organize together, although not too many words on the contact, but her kind and sincere service, let me feel very comfortable.

two the two different attitudes and behavior, let me do the customer at the same time have a subjective experience, purchase direction, to meet consumer, I have to go to second, will never go to the first consumer. At the same time will also think about what role they play in the business can better attract customers.

how to more customers to consider, we also need to do transposition work, so as to truly understand the needs of customers. In short, often do transposition experience, can be a very good understanding of customer needs and customer service attitude, the idea of agreement, the owner will change some is not conducive to the attitude of customers with behavior, so as to better improve their level of sales.

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