Chongqing Mimei joined with what conditions Chongqing small noodles

heard that the Chongqing market has been very small hot, right? So, for a business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the Chongqing Mimei Chongqing small noodles, is a very good choice!

Chongqing younger sister Chongqing facet?

Yu Mei sister Chongqing has a huge consumer groups, is a good venture to join the project, after joining the money certainly earn. Today, most shops have to invest at least one hundred thousand of the total, which is not the general investors can afford, but joined the Chongqing sister younger sister, only to invest 1-5 million can easily start profitable. And headquarters is a comprehensive enterprise specializing in R & D, old noodle stores knot production and sales, can provide good products Everfount to keep pace with the market demand for the franchisee, the amount of the project you want to start to miss. Gourmet join, pasta project worth investing.

Yu sister younger sister Chongqing join in what conditions?

1. agrees with the culture and management concept of Chongqing culture, which has great investment interest.

2. has certain investment strength (50 thousand – 150 thousand yuan), can undertake certain investment risk.

3. is willing to grow together with Yu Mei Mei Chongqing facet, together to maintain quality, establish a good brand image.

4. accept the unified management of Chongqing Mimei Chongqing small noodles headquarters, technical upgrading and actively participate in the training headquarters.

5. has a strong sense of teamwork, able to get along well with people, pay attention to coordination.

6. is willing to devote himself, will be regarded as a sister Chongqing Chongqing small businesses.

7. consciously maintain the brand image, do not damage the interests of the headquarters of the matter, otherwise the consequences.

Yu single sister Chongqing small good? Meet the needs of different consumers for food. To join the business as well as entrepreneurs, to join the Yu Mei sister Chongqing small projects, or very choice of market development!

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