Wuliji food project introduction

a lot of investors are very interested in Korean food brands, so Xiaobian today we recommend that there is a certain degree of popularity in the Korean restaurant brand. The following is to recommend Wuliji food brand

Wuliji restaurant project

Wuliji restaurant is located in the city of Ji’nan Alexander road. Company to "do China first brand" Korean food for the strategic development objectives; to "culture dissolve in heart, standardized in the form of" management philosophy and the "popular food brand" for the purpose, and actively create fashion leisure culture diet guide. After more than three years of its fine business, Wuliji received the majority of Korean cuisine lovers and enthusiastic pursuit, has now developed into a business Korean direct and joined the operation of Korean cuisine shops. From the characteristics of our home, whether it is the service etiquette, decoration style or the production of dishes, taste, etc., are adhering to the essence of the Korean food culture, exudes a rich Korean style. The unique flavor of the Korean barbecue, a variety of hot and sour pickled cabbage, mellow filled the unique taste of the Korean bibimbap, Hot pot meal; various delicacies let people drool. I…

Wuliji cuisine combines consumption characteristics Chinese, carey integrate the pizza and snacks, dozens of flavor fashion drinks, with a new sales model, close to the public, Wuliji cuisine and is equipped with a variety of delicious snacks and drinks coffee, tea, ice etc.. Simple, casual, elegant, stylish environment for the pursuit of romantic people ran; pizza, steak, coffee, snacks make fashion people were unable to stop, when the attractive color, delicious fragrance appear in the table, your enthusiasm is not delicacy again ignite


Wuliji about petty bourgeoisie, let you forget. To join the food, hot, and look forward to your joining, create wealth life!

Wuliji restaurant join conditions:

a, franchisee qualification:

can identify Wuliji food business philosophy, it can be used as a long-term undertaking, and can keep the good reputation and image in the course of business; have a positive attitude and entrepreneurial spirit, love in this industry; with independent legal status and qualification of the operation and management ability.

two, capital and store requirements:

have the appropriate financial strength, a single investment of more than fifty thousand yuan of funds. To meet with Wuliji restaurant franchise headquarters opened the street shops; shop area of 15-50 square meters.

Due to the limited space of

Wuliji cuisine introduction only here, if you have this brand for what other.

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