Matters need to pay attention to small appliances stores all business

small home appliance business, which should pay attention to business problems? Small household electrical appliance stores need to pay attention to what business problems? Many franchisees are new, not y understanding the problem. Xiao Bian provides a few suggestions, hoping to help each franchisee, if you do not understand, you can consult a lot, concerned about the operating skills.

What to pay attention to open small household electrical appliances store location:

the main purchase in the business of city local small household electrical appliances wholesale market. Can also go to the domestic distribution center: Shenzhen, Yiwu, Shenyang purchase. The shortcomings of the local purchase price is about 15% higher than the large distribution center, the advantage is to save transportation costs, the local wholesale a few days ago, the general small batch to the goods.

There are a lot of business

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