The new business can bring new vitality for cigarette shop

already has a mature market, the old brand of cigarettes do not really have any problem, almost no need to do any publicity, do not need to take action to promote, you can make cigarette products hot. However, the price of such cigarettes has been fixed, almost to achieve the transparency of the market, the profit is very limited. In this context, the operation of new cigarettes is a better choice.

many retail owners are accustomed to focusing on the old brand of cigarettes, because they have a stable customer. However, this is just a kind of complacency, to achieve rapid development, but also need to accept the new brand. In fact, think about the new brand has many advantages, it can also inject new impetus to our store.

New features of

new cigarette. Now customers have a curious psychology, so the retail owner can seize this feature, flexible introduction. For example, one of my customers at the supermarket bought a regular cigarette every time. On one occasion, I took advantage of him, and he did not worry about a few words. I recommend him a new cigarette, he did not accept at first, I feel like a taste.

but I still let him taste one for free, and then ask him how it works? He said it was not much different, it was good. Then, I told him Strike while the iron is hot., the characteristics of this new brand. Then he moved his heart. He bought a package, who a few days later, he went to buy. Not only did he like it, but he also recommended it to his friend, so I realized the new brand.

seize the new brand culture. In fact, cigarettes is also a cultural carrier, the owner should make good use of this factor, will be able to conquer more customers. For example, when I first recommended the "Taishan" brand, I used this approach. Customers to buy cigarettes, I will give them to talk about the history and culture of Taishan, to tell them about the poetry, which makes them can not help but give birth to a sense of curiosity and trust. So, they began to try to buy, gradually fell in love with the brand. Today, my supermarket has a stable "Taishan" smoke fans. With them, my income will naturally increase.

new brand can lead fashion. As a new brand, it must have some fresh breath. It should be said that the new tobacco embodies a kind of advance with the times, if the customer recognizes this, then it can be accepted. In addition, in the way of publicity, retail owners should give a new brand location, in the supermarket counters to make it in a prominent position. In addition, you can also use WeChat to recommend.

in this area, I have some experience to talk about. I will make this new brand of information into a small video, and then add the text, so you can often send in the circle of friends, you can also be targeted to issue some than

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